You will be able to go home in a regular sized car.
It is better if someone can be at home with you for at least portions of each day to assist you with shopping, meal preparation, etc.

Constant nursing care is rarely needed at home.
Although if you need a nurse at home you can charter them with our assistance.
We will arrange for a physiotherapist as well as a visiting nurse to see you at home.

You must call us after you get home. Call us ANY TIME  before scheduled follow-up  if any problem develops. Until then, continue all the restrictions which you were taught in the hospital.
After you leave the hospital your post op rehab is expected to begin. With help of rehab physiotherapist you will be completely independent at home soon.
You will be able to get in and out of bed by yourself, go to the bathroom by yourself and dress yourself
You should change into comfortable regular clothing each morning, and go places, and do things as allowed by Dr Maichand.
The precautions to prevent dislocation must be strictly observed until Dr. Maichand tells you it is safe to discontinue them.
It is not uncommon to develop some swelling of the knee, foot and ankle in the weeks after surgery. If this occurs, you should elevate your leg on pillows when you are not up and about. Wound sutures or staples are usually removed on the fourteenth day after surgery.
Up to that point the wound should be kept dry.
Bathing will be allowed three days after sutures are removed.
• A shower stool is helpful so as to avoid slipping while taking a shower.
• You should also do the exercises illustrated in Home Exercises for the First Eight Weeks After Surgery.
• You may lie on the operated side when it is comfortable. However, for at least the first 12 weeks after surgery, you should put one or two fluffy pillows between your knees when you lie on either side.
• We prefer that you do not attempt to sleep on your side because the pillows will dislodge once you are asleep and you may then dislocate your hip. You should not cross your legs for the first 12 weeks(or as advised by Dr. Maichand) after the surgery.
• You should not bend your thighs up to a greater than 80 degree angle (see Restrictions to Prevent Dislocations).
• It will therefore be difficult for you to pick up objects from the floor, and also for you to put on your shoes and socks. A reacher is helpful for this purpose.
• You should strictly avoid low chairs, low stools, low toilet seats, low bed and stuffed chairs(Soft cushioned sofa) since they may cause the hip to dislocate.
Dr. Maichand will direct you to a rehabilitation coordinator who will arrange a Physiotherapist trained and qualified in post joint replacement rehabilitation.

Upcoming Events
  • Coming up with a mega campaign "Lets Fight Arthritis" on the occasion of World Arthritis Day, at A4 Block, Gauri Shankar Mandir, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. The campaign will be on 9th October 2016(Sunday). 

  • Health Awareness Campaign on 28th August at Gurudwara Singh Sabha E Block Karampura, Delhi.

  • Coming up with a mega campaign on Spine & Back Pain on 5th June 2016 at Gurudwara New Ranjeet Nagar (near Satyam Ciema), Patel nagar, Delhi in association with Sukhmani Charitable Trust, Delhi.

  • Coming up with an awareness campaign on Arthritis Management & Control on 22nd May 2016 at Guru Ram Dass Charitable Medical Centre - Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Moti Nagar, Delhi.  

  • Mega campaign on Arthritis Management on "Mother's Day" 8th May 2016 at West Patel Nagar, Delhi - 110008

  • Mega campaign on Arthritis Management in association with "Varishth Nagrik Kesari Club" - Punjab Kesari Delhi on 6th April 2016 (Wednesday)

  • Dr. Ashwani Maichand Participated in Shoulder Conclave 2016 at JWT Marriott, Pune

  • Dr. Ashwani Maichand was the Table instructor for young doctors at Cadaver Joint Replacement Training on 21st February 2016 at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

  • Arthritis Awareness campaign on 28th february 2016 from 10 am to 1 pm at Minomax Knee & Shoulder Clinics (8/29, West Patel nagar, Delhi, India)

  • Participating as a speaker on "Dificult cases of Hip & Knee Replacement" in 2nd Masters Course in Arthroplasty at Meril Academy, VAPI, Gujarat from 4th to 6th February 2016






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