Limb Salvage

  • Limb salvage

    Ali - Limb salvage

    23 year old gentleman came to us with osteosarcoma left superior and inferior pubic rami. He had already undergone one surgery for the tumour in south africa. But the tumour reccured. The tumour was along with the sorrounding soft tissue. All the nerves, vessels and other vital structuresaround that area were preserved. The gap between left hip joint and pubic symphysis was bridged with a 6 inch fibular graft.
    The graft was fixed with screws. The surgery lasted 8 hours and it required 16 blood transfusions. Patient was able to walk in partial weight bearing with support after 1 week of surgery.
    As the patient has localized tumour ( no metastasis) this procedure is radical treatment for the tumour.

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  • Dheeraj - Ewing's Sarcoma - Before Surgery

    Dheeraj - Limb Salvage

    24 year old boy with Ewing's Sarcoma pelvis (Iliac Bone). He came with pain and limp left lower limb. Most of the iliac bone and upper half of Acetabulum was destroyed by the tumour. Non cemented total hip replacement was planned but the challenge was to recreate the weight bearing area of Acetabulum to fit the socket. Fibular graft from the patient's leg was used to give support to the Acetabular socket. Now it is two months post op. The patient is walking painlessly (with support partial weight bearing). We hope that in next two months the bone will consolidate and he will walk full weight bearing.

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  • Hemant - Osteosarcoma - Before Surgery

    Hemant - Limb Salvage

    14 year old boy came with Osteosarcoma lower end femur. There was a single secondary in lungs which was excised. Knee replacement was done after excision of tumour lower one third of femur and surrounding muscles. The disease has been radically cured and patient is able to walk full weight bearing within four weeks after the surgery. The range of movement at knee is 0 to 90 degrees, the skin cover is healthy and there is no neurovascular deficit in the limb.

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  • Pre-op CT Scan

    Mr Abhishek - Cancer Larynx with multiple metastasis in hip

    24 year old boy suffering from Carcinoma Larynx ( Voice box cancer) with Secondaries ( metastasis ) in left half of Sacrum and Left Hip Joint ( Proximal Femur ) .
    He was not able to even change side in bed because of pain.
    Upper half of Femur and Hip Joint were Replaced.
    Patient is now 80% pain free.
    Surgery for Sacrum planned after 6 weeks ..
    Patient is now able to sleep without Morphine or any other Pain Killer.

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  • Owais - Osteosarcoma - Before Surgery

    Owais - Limb Salvage Osteosarcoma

    16 year old boy with Osteosarcoma upper end tibia. He came with a large tumour just below knee, very painful, skin tense. He had no secondaries anywhere in body. Upper end tibia with tumour and surrounding end muscles was excised and knee replacement was done with expandable implant. Patient is now 6 months post op. Fully cured of the disease. Range of movement at knee is 0 to 80 degrees and is able to walk without support and without pain.

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  • Savitri pre-op

    Savetri- Liver Cancer ( Hepatocellular Carcinoma )

    70 Year old Lady suffering from Liver Cancer ( Hepatocellular Carcinoma ) .
    She had Metastasis ( Secondaries) Left Hip because of which she could not stand / walk for two months.
    MRI showed involvement of Acetabulum and ilium ( Hip Joint ).
    Bone Grafting was done to Reconstruct the Acetabulum an Hip Replacement was done.
    One week after Surgery Patient is walking ( non - wt bearing ) with Walker and is able to use Toilet and can sit on chair comfortably.

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